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  • 29 April 2020
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Hi all,


I am new to Zapier , so would welcome any guidance.

I posted an EventBrite ad for a webinar, created a zap to trigger a zoom registartion. worked fine.

Then  as it’s a weekly zoom webinar, I created it as a recurring event in zoom and changed the event on EB to multiple choice for dates, essentially creating a master event with a number of future dates scheduled and available.

Now I cant seem to get the zap to work, I can see the ¡multiple events created in EB in the first stage of the zap creation but is impossible to determine which event is relevant for the Zap, the each have a unique string of numbers that I cannot reconcile with on the EB page.


What I would like to know is will Zapier work in this configuration? Multiple EB dates for customers to select from, triggering a corresponding registration within Zoom so as to send out the link for the required event.




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4 replies

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Hey! I definitely don’t see any issues with this - Would you be able to share a little more colour to describe exactly where it’s going wrong?

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Hi there, and thank you for your response.


I think the issue lies with Zapier sitting between EB ( with a master event and multiple recurring dates to select from) and Zoom Webinar (with an equal number of webinar events). The zap is to trigger a registration in Zoom after EB purchase

It doesn't seem possible to set the zap up to connect each specific date in EB that a registrant might select and the corresponding webinar event in Zoom.


Going through the zap setup I have to select the specific event from EB out of the total events listed. For example I have weekly listings every Tuesday for the same event , the event is called PitchSLAP and it is listed for the next 9 weeks. When setting up the zap and selecting from the drop down to choose the specific event ,( lets say for the 5th of May) there are listings for each of the 9 seperate dated events, each with a unique  string of numbers, however i cannot tell with event and associated string of numbers relates to the 5th of May event. 


Also, customers have the option to choose from any of the future dates, so do I need to set up zaps for each of the unique event dates?


So far, I cannot validate a test to identify any of the orders that have been placed for the 5th of may or the 12 of may from within the zap configurator. So none of the tickets sales are triggering a registration on Zoom.


I am not sure if this explanation is full enough but if not, please ask,





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Hi @TaranTCS ,

Checking in to see if you are all set or if you have any additional questions! Please let us know if we can help!

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Hi @TaranTCS!

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working, or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)