Error with Xero Zap "Purchase order could not be sent to Xero"

  • 16 December 2020
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I have account with free plan. I’m errors with integration Zoho CRM to Xero.

This is error:

A validation exception occurred, Unknown tracking details. A Tracking Option did not match an Option of a known TrackingCategory

This is an action of free plan?

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6 replies

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Do you mean a Zapier Free Plan?


FYI: Zoho CRM and Xero are both Premium apps and require a Zapier paid plan to turn ON Zaps using these apps as steps:

We have been testing with the Free Plan, with the two Premium APPS.


The first time we run the ZAP, this completes OK (free plan), and the data in Xero and Zoho perfectly synchronized.


This error appears in the second run...and we want to know if this situation is relative with some limitation with the free plan or other case.

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What app is returning the error when testing?

Are you testing with the same data or new unique data?

Perhaps provide a screenshot of the error.

The app is returning error is the Xero

We are testing with the same data and new unique data.

This is error


This is data


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Hi @jesus marin 

According to that error, your problem is with whatever you’ve put in this field:



Make sure the option you’ve put in there matches one of ones you’ve setup in Xero:

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HI @jesus marin


Did @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu’s suggestion help? I’d love to know if you were able to solve this 🙂