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Email by Zapier just stopped working

  • 26 January 2021
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My zaps use email by zapier to send out certificates (created from Google Slides) to (Kajabi) course delegates for different courses. All worked fine until yesterday when it would no longer send outbound emails for any of the zaps. The certificate was created from the template and showed in google slides but I got the error message on the zap when I tested it saying - ‘The outbound email could not be sent to Email by Zapier. The app returned "Google Docs encountered an error’. It should be attaching the certificate to the outbound email and sending it and a copy comes to me. The fact all 6 zaps for different courses/certificates all stopped working at the same time yesterday, when I hadn’t touched them is strange. Just prior to that happening a couple of emails did send but not with a certificate attached but a google sign in. Can anyone help please.


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Hi @JulieW42 

Are you able to confirm if this was a temp issue or a persistent issue?

Have you tried testing again today?

Did you by chance move or alter the GDoc/GSlides being used in the Zaps?

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It's ongoing and I hadn't done anything at all. It's all the zaps as well. I have tried redoing the zap but nothing fixes it.


Any suggestions please?

Thank you 

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The zap finds and makes the cert template from the correct Google slide so that isn't an issue. The outbound email just won't send.

Any news? I have the same issue, Email by Zapier stopped working yesterday.

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Hi Dima,


Zapier support sent me this…. and today it is all working fine again! Fixed itself. We use Google Workplace to host our domain email.

“Thanks for writing in -- and sorry about your hassles there, it looks like you might be running into a problem with Gmail, while I'm not seeing it just yet on the app status page of Google I see that several users of Google apps (but mostly Gmail) are being affected by it.

A 500 error code is usually an indication that something is broken on the server-side, and given that in this case, it's the Google servers, I think that these 500s should be short-lived. Could I trouble you to replay these failed tasks for me to see if they go through?

In any case, I'll go ahead and add you to the bug report where we are internally tracking this so we remember to notify you when this gets fixed. Thanks for staying tuned here and let me know if you have any questions!”

Try and see if it’s working again.


Unfortunately id doesn’t work on my end :( 


The app returned "Google Docs encountered an error. Please try reloading this page, or coming back to it in a few minutes.To learn more about the Google Docs editors, please visit our help center.We're sorry for the in...".

I’m having a similar problem. It’s Google Drive-related. There are two steps in my zap which are failing:

  1. the step which takes and Google Doc and coverts to PDF
  2. The step which attempts to email the PDF (or the original Google Doc) to the user

All of this has been working fine for weeks.

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Hi All,

I just received this from support….

“I’ve got great news for you: Google fixed the bug causing that issue! This means you can use those affected zaps now without running into this error.
If you turned off any affected zaps, or if they were automatically turned off, you'll need to turn them back on, but other than that, there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of this fix.”