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eBay Fulfillment Hrefs Filter

  • 3 October 2020
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Is there a way to set up a zap to run only after a tracking number has been added to a successful eBay sale?

I’ve tried using the Filter option with the following:

Only Continue If “Fulfillment Hrefs” Condition “Exists”

This works in test mode when there is a tracking number in the fulfillment hrefs on eBay, however, when the zap is turned on and it is live it fails on all new successful eBay sales.

Going by the Task History this zap stops at the filter stage as there is no tracking number in “Fulfillment Hrefs” at the time of the zap firing. Once a tracking number is added to the successful eBay sale the zap does not fire even after replying the zap.


I have also tried the following:

Only Continue If “Fulfillment Hrefs” Condition “Boolean (is true)”

This behaves the same way as Only Continue If “Fulfillment Hrefs” Condition “Exists”


Has anyone been able to get a zap to fire when the successful eBay sale is updated with a tracking number for shipping?




Best answer by andywingrave 3 October 2020, 12:46

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3 replies

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Hello! My advice here, in the absence of this functionality, would be for you to create 2 zaps:


  1. When new ebay sale - Notify you to update the Fufillment Hrefs (send an email, maybe?)

The… You want to create a similar zap to the one you described above but allow for the time needed to include the value.

  1. So this would go like:
    1. When New ebay sale
    2. Wait 24 hours (enough time for you to add the value)
    3. Find ebay order (which should now have the updated details)
    4. filter - Only continue if it does
    5. Continue with your zap
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Thanks for the suggestions @andywingrave.

I’ve tried this previously and the issue is that the only eBay trigger is “Order Created” which is a singular moment in time where the Filfillment Hrefs data does not exist.

Delays on a zap from that point on have only pulled the data that existed at that time.

I’ve been trying to work around the issue using filters and delays, separately and combined, but haven’t found the right combination.

What would be ideal is if there was an option in the eBay suite where there was an “Order Updated” function which had the capacity to apply this type of logic, or some type of functionality to rerun a filtered zap that failed a condition when the condition was then met at a later stage (e.g. Fulfillment Hrefs added).



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Hey! Yes -That’s why I added these two steps:


By waiting some time, and then finding the same ebay order again, the content will now be added, and the zap will continue.