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Easier way to handle large list of Filter criteria than manually adding each OR statement?

  • 3 September 2021
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We have a webform that getting leads from all over the country.  Depending on what zip code the lead is coming from we need to route that into a specific CRM.  We originally were using the standard Filter and just using the state field to route.  Now that we have broken this down into different cities we need to fine tune this.

The issue we are having is using the standard filter with a couple hundred zip codes for each of these zaps is going to be very time consuming.  How can we create a filter using code (or some other option) so we can simply copy/paste the zip codes into each zap, instead of manually creating an OR statement for each individual zip codes?


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Welcome @tpresto! :)

Great question! I’m wondering if it might be better to use a Lookup Table to help manage the zip codes. For example you would add the valid zip codes into a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the corresponding CRM that they need to be routed to. Next, you’d use a Lookup Spreadsheet Row action in the Zap to search for the zip code supplied by Gravity Forms.

Then, you would update the Filter so see whether the Lookup Spreadsheet Row step was able to find a match on the zip code for a specific CRM and carry out subsequent actions accordingly. This allows you to reference the lookup table with a Lookup Spreadsheet Row action in multiple Zaps without having to add each zip code into each Zap.

We have an article on how to set up a lookup table with Google Sheets here:

Hope this helps!