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Dynamic fields in email

  • 27 February 2020
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Hi All,

I hope I could explain what I want to achieve with Zapier - and of course to find out how do it.

The scenario is this:

I have a google sheet with some calculated data, regarding 4 parameters i'm monitoring.

If one parameter is dropping under certain value - i want to send an email notify me. My issue is - if 4 of the parameters are dropping under the threshold - I will get 4 email and I don't want it.

Is it possible to create an email (via gmail, not other 3rd party marketing platform or stuff like that) that will show certain lines if certain conditions are met?

For example, my parameters are a,b,c,d. a and c are below the threshold.

So Ill get an email that will say -


please notice that param a and param c are below the threshold.

Tomorrow params a,b, and d are below the threshold - I will get the same email saying param a,b and d are below the threshold.

(I don't want to create 15 different emails to cover all possibilities, and if tomorrow I'll have a 5th param than it will be really hard to maintain.)

Any ideas? thoughts?


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In general I think this will be very hard to achieve, but I also wanted to alert you to another issue.

You can set up a zap that triggers on "Updated Spreadsheet Row" and that will trigger when a value in a cell changes but only if the new value is unique.

Let me explain. Say the cell is at "4" then it drops to "3" it would trigger, it then goes back to "4" but then drops again to "3".

Because it's the second time it's dropped to "3" the zap won't trigger again.

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Well - hard things to achieve are the most fun ones.

Other than that - if I understood you correctly it's not exactly what I need.

I'll try yo explain again:

Every day I'm getting data on 4 different params, along with the date of the day. So every row I have is day with data points.

I'm doing some manipulations of those data points (dividing, multiplying, whatever). The result of each manipulation on each param is compared to a certain threshold. If the result it lower - I want to get an email.

Now, since I have 4 params, (let's call them A. B, C, D) - it could be that param A and B are below the threshold today, it could be A,C,D or maybe only D. The thing is - I want to get one email with the params that are below the threshold, and their value. I don't mind about unique values, as each day I'm doing manipulation of that day data - some times you get the same number, and it's ok

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Hi @Alon  ,

Circling back to this post as I see you were able to work with Christian in Support on a solution! Posting summarized solution below to help other users should they seek to create a similar workflow:

To use the spreadsheet style formulas to "calculate" the email's body text, we'll need the following:

  1. A Formatter step for each parameter to be checked to determine if it is above or below 0
  2. A Filter step to only allow the Zap to continue if at least one of the Formatter steps returned an output that isn't null
  3. A send email step (using the application of your choosing), which compiles the Formatter outputs into a neat sentence for the email body


With regard to the first requirement, you can review the supported formulas at the following link:

  I believe that the only way to dynamically generate HTML output within a Zap would be by using a Code by Zapier step. If you'd like to pursue this option, I would recommend checking out StackOverflow's list of Zapier related questions or our help documentation on the subject: