Drive and Notion Zap triggered and no results?

  • 14 September 2021
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Recently, I have created a Zap between Google Drive and Notion. Using “New File in Google Drive (explained as “triggers every time a new file is added in any folder)” → Update database item in Notion. I tested and reviewed both steps and turned the Zap on just to end up seeing only 1 item in my database on Notion added. I’ve tried with refreshing the Notion app and uploading new items on Google Drive and yet, only one specific file is added to the database. 

Can someone help me with finding where the problem is?


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2 replies

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Hi @robschmidt 

Yes, attached below. 

1. Trigger - New File in Google Drive
2. Find Database item in Notion
3. Update Database item 

I’ve created a database in Notion, shared the integrations to both softwares and since one item only was added to my database I presume the Zap is running successfully. However, whenever I add a new file to My Google Drive, instead of adding one more file to the database, the Zap automatically replaces the old item in the database with the just added one. At the end, regardless of the number of new items I add to Drive, the database on Notion always consists of one file which is the last added one. 

Please let me know how to fix that


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Hi @Kamelia 

Can you send some screenshots of your history and your zap’s configuration?

In order to update a notion database item, usually you will have to use “find database item” first then update that item.