Create Stripe Transaction Charge in QuickBooks

  • 8 October 2020
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I have set up a Zap to create a Customer Receipt in QuickBooks when a new transaction occurs in Stripe but how do I also automatically enter the Transaction charge into QB?  For info I have an account called ‘Stripe’ in QB into which all customer payments (via Stripe) are entered together with the Stripe charges then the deposit to our bank account goes from the Stripe Account to the Bank Account (being the net amount of all payments and charges made on a single day).


Thanks in anticipation



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1 reply

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Hi @JasonL24!

With a bit of tinkering I’ve figured out how you’d accomplish this (or at least a good start from which you can then work).

The magic happens using our Formatter and its Line Itemizer function:

So you’ll map the description on one line and the amount on another. You can type the word “fee” if you’d like, then also make sure you add the minus sign in front of the fee.

Then in QuickBooks you’ll do something like:

That will create a Sales receipt for the amount charged minus the fee:

That should get you pretty far, even if it’s not exactly set up this way for your QuickBooks :)