Create New Registrant in Zoom issues

  • 2 April 2020
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(Issue #1) I am trying to link woocommerce with zoom.  I want the registrant to be for a Zoom MEETING and NOT for a Zoom WEBINAR!  Please help.  I do not want to pay for the webinar plan, and that’s not what I want for my registrants either - this is for a ZOOM TEAM MEETING.   

In step 2 of configuring the zap, it’s asking for “Upcoming Webinar, choose a value” 

The error message says, “[{"code":"200","message":"Cannot use webinar API, You need to subscribe webinar plan and then enable webinar for this user: 10hUa760Q6qR1gSJYJZu6g","description":"Refer to URL:"}]”

(issue #2) I have already installed the zoom app as described in

but I could not figure out the step saying “4. Click “Visit site to install”. You will be redirected to Zapier.” I did not see anywhere to “Visit site...” 

Please help with both issues above.   Trying to run this paid team meeting to run my business, which is otherwise crippled due to Corona Virus quarantine. 

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Hi I’m really sorry for the delay in getting a reply to you here. 


The Create New Registrant action can only add registrants to a webinar, it’s not currently possible to use this to add people to a meeting. We do have a feature request open for the ability to invite someone to a meeting and I can see that you’re already added as an interested user on that request. This lets the Zoom team know how many folks would like to see this addition and also means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update.


For the second issue, if you’ve visited Zapier, it sounds like you’ve done the next steps needed there.


I hope that helps!