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Create new pipedrive LEAD from new form submission (webflow).

  • 5 December 2020
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hello guys,

I am trying to create a new pipedrive “LEAD” from a new form submission using webflow. I’ve checked but I am only being offered the possibility to create a new DEAL, I want to first create a LEAD in pipedrive and eventually decide if that LEAD has potential to become a DEAL or not.

For better context, I believe pipedrive used to have LEADS inside DEALS, but now they seem to be into separate categories, I will like to access the first one as mentioned above.

Please let me know if this will be possible or not.

(I’ve checked with other typeform, jotform, integrations and only option is create new DEAL as well).


I’ll appreciate your help and insight on this!

thank you for your time :)




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 13 December 2020, 22:12

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10 replies

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hello @Troy Tessalone 

sorry for the delay answering, I thank you very much for taking the time to help me out! will

take a look as soon as possible, cheers! 

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Few notes about how to configure the Webhooks for LEADS...

Use a Custom Request for the Action Event


You need to use your Pipedrive domain in the POST URL: https://[API]

Replace [API] with your Pipedrive domain which can be see in the browser when you’re logged into Pipedrive.


Set the Headers like such:


Set the Data as such:


  1. Replace [TITLE] with the name of the Title you want to use.
  2. Replace [ID] with the ID of the Pipedrive Person created in a previous step
  3. NO double quotes around the [ID]
  4. NO comma after the [ID]
  5. If you want to associated an Organization, use this code between title and person
“organization_id”: [ID],


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Got it! Yeah as confirmed here, Pipedrive’s Zapier integration doesn’t work with the leads object: - So a webhook is indeed the right way to do it. :point_up:


What’s interesting is that I’ve never had any issue categorising a person as a lead in this way (which is how my set up works)! Thanks for following up @Troy Tessalone 

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I replicated your steps, but was unable to get a Lead created in the Pipedrive Leads Inbox:

There is the ability to Label a Person in Pipedrive, which could be labeled as a “Lead”, but that does not create a Lead.

Via the Zap action Pipedrive Create Person, there is no ability to specify the Person is a “Lead” (vs Deal). [see screenshot below]


However, I was able to use the Pipedrive API via a Webhooks action step in a Zap to Add a Lead associated to a Person and/or Organization.

Pipedrive API endpoint to Add Lead:!/Leads/addLead


Perhaps you can provide screenshots or a video of your suggested solution that successfully creates a Lead.




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Hello! Sadly webhooks are definitely not the answer. (I use Pipedrive a lot, and can say this with 100% certainty). I’m really sorry you’ve been pointed in the direction here. 

You actually just need to create a person in Pipedrive here (and I think they need to be linked to an organisation).

So your flow would go something like this:

  1. Form submission
  2. Find or Create organisation
  3. Find or create person

And on that last step, you want to ensure that the person you create is categorised as a lead. 

FYI @Troy Tessalone 

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I’ve tried to add a the url resquest and then adding the “title” string but it seems like it doesnt recognize data, I am most probably doing something incorrect, please let me know if you know what could be it please! I’ll attach some more printscreens.


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Just to understand a bit better, please bare with me (I am not a developer). 


In the image below, is this right sequence of events?

  • form submission in webflow
  • zapier webhook post?   I am not sure if this is where I need to put the url in the image below.

Let me know if I am in the right track or not please! 


thanks again :)



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Thanks Troy!

I’ve updated the zapier account and will look into webhooks more closely, cheers!

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[ADVANCED] Pipedrive Leads can be created using the Pipedrive API via a Webhook action step:!/Leads/addLead