Create new opportunity in Salesforce (tied to account and contact) from Stripe subscriptions

  • 11 August 2021
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I want a new subscription signup in Stripe to emerge as a closed won opportunity in Salesforce that is tied to account and contact if it already exists.

As of now, the Account Name in SF does not match the Customer Name in Stripe. I need to split text and remove the “’s” off the Customer Name in Stripe so it matches the Account Name in Salesforce, otherwise the Zap isn’t working.

Example: in Salesforce, the account name is Adam. In Stripe, the customer name is showing up as “Adam’s Account.”

I tried using the split text feature but it isn’t working for apostrophes.

Any other recommendations on building a zap that can tie Stripe info to Salesforce opportunity w/ contact and account if it exists?

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2 replies

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I have connected it by email but if that contact doesn’t exist yet we want to find or create an account record as well and that’s where the zap stops. Right now we have the following steps: 1. New Event in Stripe - New Customer Subscription Signup 2. Find Contact Record (based on email) 3. Find or Create Account Record 5. Update Account Record 6. Find Opportunity Record 7. Update Opportunity Record

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Hi @thirtycapital 

Why aren’t you using email as the identifier? As far I know, almost everyone uses email to search for accounts or any associated records since email is going to be unique for everyone.

Also I just tested with split formatter and it works for Adam’s Account using this as a separator ’ . Make sure you are using the right character because there are several that looks like this ’ .