Create Lookup Table from dynamic data

  • 21 March 2022
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Hey There! 

I have a client who is trying to get Shopify order data (line items) in to a Non-Profit CRM (Virtuous). 

In order to get the order data in to the CRM, we have to match up Line Item SKUs with a Premium ID in the CRM. We are able to query the CRM api to get a list of all Premium IDs and have a custom code in the CRM attached with the Premium for the SKUs. 

Initially, I wanted to use the lookup table and input all the SKUs with their respective Premium IDs in the lookup table. The client isn’t a fan of that as it creates another place where data has to be input when they create a new Premium in their CRM. 

What I’m essentially trying to do is to create a dynamic lookup table that takes the Premium data that I get from the CRM api and makes a lookup table on the fly each time the Zap is run so that the data is always the most current. 

Is there a way to do that with lookup tables or will it require code in order to accomplish that? 

I did find this reference which actually was pretty close to what I wanted to do but it doesn’t do it for multiple items in the lookup value. 

Thanks for the help!


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Hiya @Coloradohiker! Just checking into see if you were you able to find a solution here? We’d love to know if you did!

If not, I wonder if any these might be helpful?