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  • 17 November 2020
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Hi guys, 

I’d like to have some of the pages on my WordPress website “locked”.
My idea need is to have a popup to comes into the screen and asks users their email ( I was thinking about using WP Popup) . Once the email is sent, I’d like zapier to check if the email is on hubspot already and to check if the contact as a certain “property” which is the condition to have access or not. 

If the users has that certain property I’d like the popup to close and let the viewer see the content, if not I’d like the popup to tell so to the user and give them the possibility to click on a button that redirects to a chosen page. 


My first question is: is WP Popup the right solution? Will everything work? I’m asked to pay to try the integration with zapier and therefore know if its possible.


My second question is: My contacs are in Hubspot, can you help me on how should I procede from there? 

MY third question is: any other way I could be doing this task? 


Thank you so much for your time, much appreciated!





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Hi @michelerinascita 

I’m sorry to say, but Zapier wouldn’t be able to interact with the popup in the way you need - as it works totally in the background and doesn’t have a way to remove the popup and let the user through if a Hubspot record is found.

Maybe another user can chime in here with a suggestion of another call.