Create a pdf file from certain cells of a Google Spreadsheet

  • 27 February 2021
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I have a Google Spreadsheet.

In this one, I have two Worksheet (example: W1 and W2).


In W1 I have list of names and datas.

In W2 I have a single cell, which retrieves the name of the person (of course I could choose from a list every single name present in W1), and data retrieved always from W1 with graphs (depending on the person chosen from the list above).


My goal would be:

  • being able to select, one by one, a different name
  • save in a pdf certain cells from W2
  • send that pdf to the email of the chosen person


Is it possible in some way?

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4 replies

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This is going to be very difficult to achieve as Zapier doesn’t (easily) have the the ability to select a single cell - or even a range - it grabs rows.

Any way you can wrangle your sheet to put all the data you need on a single row? Then you can have a zap that triggers on an update to that row.

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Zapier can get up to 20 rows at once, so here’s what you can do:

  • Trigger: Get the rows you need (you can use schedule by zapier to set trigger time)
  • You can consider using Utilities Formatter to format the data you grab from Google sheet
  • Use or other tool to generate PDF from the data
  • Use gmail to send the PDF file to other people
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Hi @Raffoz!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since I don’t see a response to the messages that our moderators had sent you. Did you still need help here or did one of their replies help you resolve things? Please let us know :)


Hi @nicksimard, tks for your message.

Nope, I couldn’t get my goal: I need more than 20 rows :(

And, moreover, I need to iterate between multiple values (as you can see in my first post)