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Converting Data from Xero to DATEV Format

Hi - I am trying to export data from Xero throughZapier to DATEV / AGENDA.  I am told that this is something that Zapier can do, but cannot find anything on the solutions or apps.


Best answer by ken.a 3 May 2023, 21:38

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Hi there @JonShatford,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help

Like my colleague Danvers said it looks like DATEV hasn't created an integration with us yet.

However, most new Zapier integrations are built by the app's creators themselves. So, it might be helpful to encourage the DATEV team to add their app to Zapier via our developer platform:

Nonetheless, I've added your vote to our internal app wishlist. Rest assured that we will let you know if/when this app is added to Zapier. If you're curious, here's more information on how new services typically get added to Zapier:

That said, I highly recommend reaching out to a certified Zapier Expert for assistance with your workflow needs. You can reach our Zapier Experts here:

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction! 😊

Thanks Danvers,


I am looking for a solution that would allow us export a transaction spreadsheet from Xero and for Zapier to merge certain fields together, apply balancing figure (Gross - VAT = Net).  We will need it to insert a column for either Debit or Credit, and also to add a fourth column with either a 9 or a 0 in


Thanks Jon

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Hi @JonShatford!

It looks like DATEV is a company that does lots of different things, could you explain what you’d like to do in more detail. It’s really helpful if you can phrase your question like “When I get a new X in Xero, I want to [what you want to happen in DATEV]”. Is AGENDA a function of DATEV? 


I can’t find an existing integration for DATEV in Zapier, which means that you would likely need to use webhooks to send the data across. You’d need to be familiar with webhooks and APIs to be able to do that. Alternatively, you can hire a Zapier Expert to build something like that for you. 


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!