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Convert Google Sheet to PDF and upload to Google Drive?

  • 8 October 2021
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FYI: GDrive Files (such as a GSheet) can be output as a PDF using the GDrive Find File step.



I would like to achieve the same except I want to upload the PDF of the Google sheet into Drive instead of sending it as an email.

It’s a cool trick to get the PDF export URL! However, the upload action only seems to support public URLs and since I don’t want to publish my spreadhseet to the web, it is not working with that URL. Is there any way I can upload a Google sheet to Drive as PDF? 


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Hey @MightyMarcus,

I did some digging and it appears that the Add File Sharing Preference action will not override any sharing preferences/groups already attributed to the file. This means that currently once the Zap shares the file this cannot be undone via the Zap. We do have a request open to make this an "override" action though, so I've added your vote for that.

I don’t have an ETA on when that may get implemented but we’ll be sure to email you as soon as it is! :)

That’s a cool solution and works to generate the PDF. However it seems impossible to restrict the files access afterwards. The options provided are only to make it public or restricted to the organization. Seems it’s not possible to reduce access rights to specific users again :/

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One workaround might be to use the GDrive Add File Sharing Preference step.

Concept would be to adjust the permissions to be public, then upload the PDF, then adjust the permission to be restricted.