Connecting Gravity forms to Sharefile. How to get your submitted form sent to sharefile.

Hi, I have gravity form on my site, i want the submitted form then uploaded to Sharefile. Ive got it mostly working but the field where someone can upload an image only comes across as file name. 

Has anyone done this before that can help me out?

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Thank you for your response. I’m not familiar with using Webhooks. Looks like I’ll be needing professional help. Appreciate the response.

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Hi @Rena 

Good question.

I encounter errors in subsequent steps when trying to use the File field/URL from a Gravity Forms trigger

Gravity Forms sends a placeholder URL that does not lead to a real file in the sample data (
Because of that, you will not be able to successfully test steps that require the use of this field (such as "Upload File" steps) in the Editor.
We suggest that you click on "Skip the step" in testing and turn the Zap on.


You may also need to change your Gravity Forms settings for how files are handled.


A workaround might be to use the Gravity Forms Webhook Add-On instead.

This will allow you to configure which data points are sent to the Zap.

The Zap trigger would be Webhooks - Catch Hook.