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Confused about the Instagram to Youtube zap works

  • 31 January 2023
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Confused about how the Instagram to Youtube integration works if anyone can enlighten me…

  1. Does the Instagram to Youtube Zap only publish VIDEO media? or does it post all posts and if so - how?
  2. Should “#shorts” be added?
  3. What do you use for the title?

Sorry, very new obviously. I’ve used IFTTT so I’m somewhat familiar with this sort of triggering, but would rather ask before flooding my Youtube with strange content. Any help appreciated!


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Welcome to the Community, @vof0r3e3. Great to have you here! 🙂

Does the Instagram to Youtube Zap only publish VIDEO media? or does it post all posts and if so - how?

It would depend how you’ve set up your Instagram to Youtube Zap, as it might be currently setup to attempt to add all posts from Instagram to YouTube. But the Upload Video (YouTube) action would only be able to post videos to a channel.

And if the Zap was attempting to upload an image instead of a video that would likely cause an error. In which case, it might be worth looking at using a Filter by Zapier action in your Zap to check whether the instagram post is a video. You can find out more about using filters here: Add conditions to Zaps with filters

Should “#shorts” be added?

Are you wanting to add the videos from Instagram as YouTube Shorts? Asking as it’s not currently possible to create shorts through the YouTube app, but there’s a feature request open for that. So let me know if that’s something you’re interested in and I can get your vote added to the feature request!

What do you use for the title?

The Instagram app’s trigger should receive a caption from the post, so you could potentially use that. Would that work for you?

Hope that helps. And no worries about being new, we’​​​​​​​ve all got to start somewhere! 

@SamB Thank you for the quick and thorough reply. This definitely clears it up!

It seems like it might be an all-around better solution for me to go the other direction and post videos to Youtube then automate those to Instagram, etc.

Is there a list of which Zaps are included in the free basic version or is it just that some channels are not (i.e., I noticed Pinterest said “premium”). During my trial stage I appear to have access to all but I’d like to limit my initial testing to what is included at the lowest level. 

Thank you!

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Hey @vof0r3e3!

The Free plan doesn’t include Premium apps. You can see that list of apps here:

On our pricing page you can also see that you’re able to build 5 Zaps that each have one action step. Versus paid plans where you can build multi-step Zaps with more than 1 action.

Hope that helps to clarify!


Perfectly. Thank you!