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Conditional Logic When Inserting into CRM

  • 27 April 2020
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I am using the Zapier Email Parser to parse out various fields from an email and then insert them as a new lead in Zoho CRM.  There are certain conditions where I want to hard code a Zoho Lead field value based on what’s in the email, example:

If the email has a Lead Contractor field with “No” as the value, I want to insert the value “Driver” into a Zoho Contractor Type field, instead of the dynamic output of "No".  

Else I would insert the value of “Lead Contractor” into the Zoho Contractor Type field.


How can I grab the value being generated from the email and run it through conditional logic before inserting into Zoho?  I thought about using Paths but it can only be added after the last step of inserting into Zoho so it’s after the fact.


Anyone know of a good solution accomplishing this?  Thanks!


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Hi @evansmanage!


Am I right in thinking that you’ve started building the Zap, which is why you can’t add the Paths where you want them? If that’s the case then you could do this by removing your current Zoho step/s and then adding the Paths. In each path you would then add the Zoho Step/s that you need. 


For example:

Trigger: Email Parser


Path A - Lead Contractor field = No

Zoho Create/Update Module Entry - Put ‘Driver’ in the Contractor Type field

Path B - Lead Contractor field = Yes

Zoho Create/Update Module Entry - Put ‘Lead Contractor’ in the Contractor Type field



If you don’t want to do that, you could use a filter step in the Zap and make a copy of the Zap so that one filter matches ‘Yes’ and one matches ‘No’. You can learn more about using two Zaps with filters to create conditions in this guide

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Hi @Danvers ,


I backed out the Zoho steps and was then able to add Paths as you described above.  This should give me what I need to further define the conditions, many thanks for your help!