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Complications updating Constant Contact on Autotask contact changes plus advanced lists

  • 28 July 2020
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I’m a total Zap noob and looking for resources and examples to learn.
I’m trying to start simple and just have a Zap that will A) Add a new record to Constant Contact when they’re added to Autotask, and B) Update an existing Constant Contact record when one’s updated in Autotask. Finally squad goals for this to be successful are C) Adding tags and list membership based on fields from Autotask.
Here are my challenges so far:

  • Getting both Add and Update in a single Zap flow. I Need to educate myself on how to do this, since I can’t seem to do it with 1 series. I can do “add/update” on the Autotask side but the only way it’s working to Constant Contact is to break it out to just “add new”. I know a 2nd Zap could be used for update, but I’d like to find resources on the threads/mutlis to learn how to do this in 1 Zap flow using a lookup/find contact and if/then/else I assume.
  • Identifying the unique ID to use the ‘Update’ action to Constant Contact. Typically we’d key on the email address but if the email address for a contact changes in Autotask, of course it won’t match/be found in Constant Contact, so I’m trying to figure out which field to use here. In the Zap fields for what to in CC, there’s “Contact” which is required. I can’t use names b/c they’re not unique. [SCREENSHOT]
  • Getting fancy with lists. Again here looking for resources to learn how-to, or if someone has done this with another CRM to Constant Contact, point me there! I’d love to leverage custom fields and if-then-else to apply TAGS or place in LISTS in Constant Contact. So, maybe an industry = “education” tag based on the industry field in Autotask, and maybe list membership based on Account Record type (e.g. customer, partner, etc.) or tags applied based on STATE. These are just examples.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hey friends! Good news - adding custom fields to Create and Update Contact actions is now supported. 🎉

Happy Zapping! ⚡️

THanks @Liz_Roberts ! For #2 - of we want to “update a contact”, pushing a change in Autotask to Constant Contact, then how do we do that?

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Hi @jjx ,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome!

  • A great resource to learn about workflows and multi-step Zaps is our Getting Started Guide. It’s a great overview of how these flows can be set up and is a good way to become more familiar as you build more complex Zaps. 
  • Regarding unique identifiers, that may be a bit trickier as the CC integration doesn't currently support custom fields.This means that only fields that are available by default will be shown in the Zap editor. So if you add a field for "customer ID” for example within your CC account, the Zap editor isn't able to load this.The good news here is we are looking to add this functionality to the CC integration, we want our integrations to be as powerful as possible! I have added you as an interested user to this feature request. This helps to raise the visibility of this request and allows us to notify you when it is implemented.


  • Lastly, I’m not certain of a way to leverage tags with your suggested workflow- there currently is not an Action to do so within the Zapier Constant Contact App page, but hoping someone may have a workaround they can share!

I hope those starting points are helpful! We’ll be here should you have any additional questions!