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  • 3 May 2023
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Hi - I use Clickup and Basecamp. I’ve set up a Zap to create To Dos in Basecamp from Clickup. I’d also like to be able to mark Basecamp To Dos as complete from Clickup but this option isn’t available - is there a work around? Thanks

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Hi @ispydi! 🙂

Ah, yes you’re quite right. There currently isn’t any sort of “Update To-do” action for Basecamp 3 that would allow you mark a Todo as complete. We do have an existing feature request to have that sort of action added though, so I’ve added your vote to it. That’ll allow us to send you an email notification as soon as it’s possible!

In the meantime it might be possible to get around this using a Webhooks by Zapier action. Looking at Basecamp’s API documentation it seems there’s an endpoint that would allow you to update a to-do item, see Update a to-do for full details. I can’t give a full step by step on how to do it but we do have an article in Community that has an example of how to use webhooks to connect to Basecamp 3’s API so that might help to give a bit more guidance:

But I do want to also note that webhooks are a more advanced feature and would require a paid Zapier plan to use them. So depending on your Zapier plan and comfort level when it comes to working with webhooks this may not be an ideal workaround. If we come up with any other workarounds in the meantime we’ll be sure to share details of them here. 

And if you’re able to get that workaround, or an alternative workaround in place please do let us know. We’d love to hear how you get on!