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Combing info from multiple Zap/reports into 1 slack message

  • 15 July 2021
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I’m attempting to take reports from 7 Repairdesk zaps and funnel it into one Slack message. My thought is that I need to put all information into one place and then use that to formulate the message to Slack. 

Where I’m getting stuck is finding a app that can overwrite the previous days info and also send a message to Slack. 

I’ve tried Google Sheets , which can be overwritten with the new info, but I don’t think it can combine all the info into one message

The info to be conveyed is this

Store Name(static) / Date / Daily Sales Amount


Any ideas on how to make this work? 


Thank You! 


Best answer by robschmidt 16 July 2021, 05:29

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Hi @tjk66 

You can use Google sheet to get this done:

  • You update the data to Google sheet (I guess that’s everyday) via Zapier
  • You can use “schedule by Zapier” and “get many spreadsheet rows” to get the data from the 7 rows in Google sheet
  • The receievd data will be in line items, so you need to use “formatter>line itens to text” to concatenate the information into one text/paragraph
  • Then you just push this to slack. 
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If you’d like to keep things in Google Sheets, then @robschmidt is spot on, his suggestion will work a treat!


If you have a similar task in the future and don’t want to use Google Sheets, check out either Digest by Zapier or Storage by Zapier. Digest allows you to add information to a ‘digest’ and then release all of the information in the digest at a time of your choosing (or through a Zap). Storage allows you to store information, which you can add to or remove items from and then use a Zap to get the information stored whenever you like.