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ClickUp - QBO returns actual formula instead of value

  • 3 August 2022
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I’m trying to push the Time Estimate value from ClickUp as a Time Entry on Quickbooks online.

Zapier retrieves it in miliseconds so i customized a formula that returns the valie in the HH:MM format QB requieres. However, Zapier retrieves the formula, not the value.

Any idea how I can capture that value?


Best answer by paches86 14 August 2022, 15:59

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Yes! @Jillian 

Exactly the reasoh I left all the steps in my comment 😉

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Hey @paches86! Thanks so much for swinging back in and letting us know what you figured out. Sounds like this one was not apparent or obvious in the least, so I hope this helps another QBO user in the future.

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Ok so I figure this out. At least to achieve what I needed which is to bring a HH:MM value format to QBO.

I just used zapper formatting and utilities to split the hours and the minutes and formatting.

  1. Division to get Time estimate in milliseconds to hours (decimal) (divide the value by 3,600,000)
  2. FLOOR to get the hours integer separated.
  3. Result of #1 minus #2 to get decimals (minutes)
  4. Multiply #3 x 60 to get actual minutes.
  5. Round to 0 decimals # 4
  6. Format #5 to get the MM format. If < 10 then “0”&”result of #5), of not #5
  7. Then in the Create time entry step I just added #2:#6 and it works beautifully 
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Hey @paches86! I’m wondering if there’s an issue in how you’ve formatted your formula and the editor thinks you’ve inserted text. Mind posting up a screenshot for us to take a look at? Please be sure to not include any personal information like addresses, e-mails, or phone numbers in the screenshot.