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Clickfunnels product to Flodesk segment

  • 9 November 2020
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I’m attempting to build a zap that captures the email of a client who purchases a product, and then place them into the relevant segment in Flodesk. 

There are two products and two corresponding segments. When the Zap is triggered, the clients email is being placed into both segments regardless.

I’ve attempted creating another funnel in Clickfunnels to separate the products completely and had the same result. So I then changed the name of one of the segments in Flodesk and this still didn't solve the issue?



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Hey there @Lara, sorry for the late response on this one! I see @laurie from our support team was able to help resolve the issue so I’m going to post their solution here for anyone following along: 

This particular trigger with ClickFunnels sends us all of the purchases, no matter which product is purchased. So, if you have multiple Zaps using that same trigger, all of them will trigger on all of the purchases. However, we can still get your workflow working!

There are two ways to do this. The first option would be to add a filter step in each of your Zaps that checks for the specific product . If it matches, the Zap will continue to the Flodesk step and add the customer to the correct segment. If the product does not match, the Zap will stop at the filter. We have more detail about how to do this here:

The second option will let you keep the workflow in one Zap and let you send multiple products to multiple segments. To do this, you can add a lookup table step before the Flodesk step. The lookup table will match the name of the product with the ID of the corresponding segment in Flodesk. You can find the IDs for each segment under their names. We have more detail about how to use a lookup table here:

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