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Can we have different account credentials for the same service?

  • 7 April 2020
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We need the ability to have different credentials for the same service and I cannot seem to figure out how. Let me explain. 

We have two clients, A and B. Client A has a webform and uses Hubspot as their CRM.  Client B has their own webbform and also uses Hubspot for sales. I create a ZAP that uses a Webhook (long story, needs to be there) to connect to HubSpot using the credentials for Client A. Everything works great. 

I go to do the same thing with client B (again, webhook to Hubspot, long story). The connection to hubspot is already there, but when I  click Add new, it creates another using Client A’s credentials. IThere is no place to edit or change them to Client B’s. If I tell it to reset the credentials in the ZAP, it resents for both. 


How can I get two connections/accounts, an A and a B?


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Nevermind. I was silly (I have other words for it, but this is a professional forum, no?). Even though I did not have a browser window open to hubspot, it was still opening it and using those credentials. I opened a browser window and logged out. Now when I want to make a new connection, it prompts me to enter the credentials (for client B).