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Can I use an email list in a zap?

  • 9 February 2023
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I’ve created a trigger to run anytime a new person signs up for my weekly tip email and that calls an action to send them one of my creator coins (this is using the Social Connector app).
In the “Set up action” selection, I can add an email or use the email from the trigger. Is there any way I can set this up so that it uses an entry from a Google Sheet, Excel, or CSV file?

I’m trying to send coins to my existing subscribers and don’t want to have to do it manually.



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Zaps trigger on new or updated rows. It sounds like what you want to set up is a Transfer (, which allows you to basically run a Zap many times based on existing data.

Or, as a workaround you could set up a Zap that triggers on Updated Row on that sheet and have a column called “Send Coin” that was blank initially, but when that column got filled in it would trigger the Zap. Then you could quickly fill in that column.

Another workaround you could do is to set up a different Zap to trigger off of a different Google Sheet where you just have the header row data in there, then copy and paste the existing data into that new sheet.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any more questions

Fantastic! Exactly what I needed. Already tested it and it works great! Thanks so much!!