Can I Automate Clio Billing with MS Dynamics 365

  • 15 August 2023
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I’m working for a non-profit legal aid organization.   We have a goal to automate the billing process.
As most of the law firms use Clio for managing their business, I want to know if Zapier can be used to integrate the law firm’s Clio (Billing) to my client’s MS Dynamics 365 system. 
Currently the law firm has to manually enter billing information into my clients Dynamics 365 portal.
So the trigger is a new bill at the law firm which would automatically update Dynamics 365.
If this would require some development, it would help to get some idea of how much that would cost.   
I’m hoping someone with Clio + Zapier + Dynamics 365 experience could advise on this or on how I would go about doing this.

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5 replies

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Thanks @SamB.  I appreciate you taking the time to responding.   I will reach out to you directly as I move forward on my analysis.   Cheers.   

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Sorry to hear Zapier isn’t going to be a great fit right now, @GerryA. Really appreciate you following up here to share the alternative solution you found though. 

To confirm, if you were setting up Zaps for different clients then yes, they’d need their own Zapier accounts so that they could access and manage their own Zaps.

If you do decide to give Zapier another try in future, we’d be glad to have you! 🤗

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Thanks all for checking this.   I didn’t hear back and my trial is ending.   So I ended up looking at Microsoft Power Automate simply because I found someone who can do that.    Zapier looks cool so maybe on the next one.   Cheers.

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Much appreciated Troy.  I checked the triggers/actions and that is was brought me to consider Zapier.     
I was hoping to narrow my search surface area by hearing from someone who has already done this with Clio and Dynamics 365 and avoid pinging multiple experts.    We haven’t decided on a platform for automation but Zapier looks most promising.
As I look into this, I think each firm using Clio would need their own Zapier license and configuration.
I’m still building out the user story for this but things are trending positive and I’m very intrigued by the capabilities that come in Zapier!

Gracious thanks,


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Hi @GerryA 

Good question.

Check out the available Zap triggers/actions for each app to help you get a sense of what should be possible to configure.


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