Bubble API Workflow every hour - parameter issue

  • 29 December 2021
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I have a database of users in Bubble with a field called “Cash” and I’m trying to set up a Zap to run every hour that triggers a Bubble API Workflow that adds a 1000 to each user’s “Cash”.


The Bubble API Workflow works when I use it with the Bulk option in the Data tab, so I know the API Workflow I’ve written works.


With the Zap, I get stuck on the last step - see the first picture below. “Userkey” is the parameter key (see second picture below). Zapier seems to want me to put something in the last text box labeled “Userkey” but it doesn’t find anything and I’ve tried putting stuff like “User” in it that doesn’t work. I’ve also tried marking the parameter as optional - Zapier then makes it non-required but then while the Zap is considered successful on a test, it doesn’t actually change any data.

Any suggestions?





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Hi @KeithCFZ 

Check this help article from the Bubble API about authentication:


OR you can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support for further assistance: