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Bidirectional workflow between Asana and Basecamp 3

  • 1 November 2022
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Hello! My employer is trying to create a bidirectional workflow between Asana and Basecamp 3. Below is what we’re trying to achieve, and we would appreciate any insights!

  • We have a project management template set up in both Basecamp and Asana. When a new project is created from a template in Asana, we would like a new project to be created from a template in Basecamp.
  • When a task is updated in Asana (new due date, marked complete, etc.), we would like that same task to be updated in the corresponding Basecamp project as well (we would also like the reverse, going from Basecamp to Asana).
  • If several due dates or the entire project's due dates are shifted in Asana, we would like those changes to be made to the corresponding Basecamp project as well (we would also like the reverse, going from Basecamp to Asana)

Essentially, we would like the ability to link an Asana project and a Basecamp project together, with most any action in one project being reflected in the other project. 


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Thanks Troy!

Hi @Alex S. 👋🏽- I see you’ve been working through some workarounds with our pal Ken in Support!

While it doesn’t seem your entire desired workflow is possible without some custom builds, sharing the solution you all reached in case other folks have a similar question:


[F]or creating a project in Basecamp 3 when there is a new project in Asana I'd be glad to tell you that it is possible.
To do this, could you please follow the instruction below?

  • Trigger. Asana > Event: New Project
  • Action. Basecamp3 > Event: Find Project
  • In the Find project, we need to tick the box "create if it doesn't exist yet" to create a contact if it doesn't exist.


Hoping that gets you a bit closer to your end goal! Let us know if we can be of help!

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Hi @Alex S. 

Good question.

Does Zapier support two-way syncing?

No. Zapier does not support two-way syncing between apps right now. Think of Zaps like one-way workflows.

In certain scenarios, you can fake two-way syncing by setting up two different Zaps that perform opposite actions. For instance, you could have one Zap that creates a new spreadsheet row for every new contact created and another that creates a new contact for every new spreadsheet row.

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Be careful not to create a Zap Loop. Learn how to avoid Zap loops.