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Best way to get Zapier to recheck the time an event is scheduled for?

  • 16 July 2021
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Hi, I am running into an issue with my YouCanBookMe and SalesMessage (SMS) connection in Zapier and I am hoping someone can help.

What currently happens:

When a new meeting is scheduled, we do a Delay until the time it is scheduled for and then an SMS sends from SalesMessage.

What we run into is that it doesn’t check before that SMS is sent to see if the time has changed.

So, hopefully a simple question - how do I get Zapier to recheck the time, and if it’s changed then reschedule the SMS?


Best answer by robschmidt 16 July 2021, 04:50

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3 replies

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Hi @credo,

If you were using Zoom, you would be able to search the meeting again before sending SMS and get the time (even if it’s changed)

For YouCanBookMe, firstly you need to set a google sheet to record the bookings, use a new zap that will trigger on if a booking is rescheduled and update the record in google sheet. Then before sending the SMS you check the google sheet for the time.

Interesting, thank you @robschmidt ! 

Just to make sure I’m clear on what you are saying:

Call is booked in YCBM

This meeting is recorded in a Google Sheet

If a meeting time changes, have another Zap that updates that meeting (I assume based off the email and who it is booked with, as we have multiple people who we are booking meetings with?)

Trigger an SMS being scheduled/sent off of that time?

Basically the logic is “when a meeting is scheduled, add it to the spreadsheet. An hour before the call, look at the spreadsheet to get the time. If the time is within X hours, schedule the SMS. If not, do nothing.”

The only challenge with this is that it won’t then go back and get the new time, or if the meeting is rescheduled again then it won’t pick up the new time.

Is there a way to ask Zapier to do a check, and if the time has changed to schedule a new check at a different time (eg new meeting time minus one hour)?

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@credo is basically what you need. An Appointment has an Appointment ID, if this changes notify posthook to change the “posthook” event. 

You can build this via Webhooks and HTTP requests.