basic selling process monitoring - I NEED HELP TO SET IT UP, PLEASE!

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I NEED TO SET UP ZAP FOR SUPER BASIC SELLING PROCESS MONITORING: I drive traffic to a landing page that generates potential customers for a car rental. 1st part: all leads are filled in into a google sheet. Car rental calls the leads and a, close them b, lose them = no deal. Car rental must fill in and update all info incl DEAL column yes/no, PAYMENT column - how much etc.


2nd part: car rental may forget to fill in all new info and therefore I MUST HAVE A ZAP that creates every 3 days a Reminder e-mail with a list of names of LEADS that have not all info updated. Therefore I need ZAP that checks on multile columns such as DEAL, PAYMENT etc and if there are missing values, I need them linked with correct LEAD NAMES and create a list that goes as an GMAIL to a CAR RENTAL.


3rd part: I want to send Reminder e-mail with missing google reviews, too.


4th part: I want ZAP that every Sunday night or Monday morning sends me updated column HOW MUCH MONEY WERE MAKING (fx: SUM PAYMENT)


THANK YOU guys. joseph


P.S. I am not IT, I am sales, please in easy words with me :)

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Hello @Jozef HLUBIK Jr. 

For your usecase Airtable with Zapier would be a good fit compared to Google Sheets. Would suggest you to hire an expert to have all these ready for you.

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Hi @Jozef HLUBIK Jr. -

Similar to Satya’s response, I would recommend Airtable for this rather than Google Sheets. I’ll leave a link to an article that discusses when Airtable may be the preferable option to Google Sheets. 

For your first request, I’m afraid we’ll need a bit more information in order to assist. What is your trigger app? I know the end location is Google Sheets at the moment, but which host site are you using? (I.e, Wix)

Your second Zap will likely be tied to the first, if you choose to take off with Airtable, it will filter from Airtable over to Gmail. I’d recommend looking into our Schedule by Zapier option as a step in between. 

Part three I would suggest utilizing Paths by Zapier to set up conditional logic in order to determine who receives an email or not. Though it may be tricky to pull information in from Google Reviews, I am unfamiliar with that but working with one of our Experts may be beneficial in getting each of your Zaps set up correctly. 

Part four would use the same platforms suggested above, Schedule by Zapier and Gmail. I do see the possibility of encountering problems with this if you move forward with Google Sheets, as columns and rows with formulas can disrupt your Zap. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 😊