Basic Question on Zaps - BigCommerce and Outlook/Email

  • 8 June 2023
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Hello, I have a quick question on Zapier functionality. I reached out to Zapier and they apparently won’t answer questions so I am trying here.

I need to trigger an email alert (to me) whenever a customer creates an order in my BigCommerce store with a specific shipping method (e.g. FedEx 2nd Day Air).

Is this kind of zap possible with the free version? If not, what level of Zapier do I need? At the moment, this is the only zap I need.

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1 reply

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Hi @grantgrimes, welcome to the Community!

Sorry to hear you’ve not been able to get an answer to your question yet. Let’s try to remedy that! 🙂

I think you’d need to be on a paid plan for this.

The BigCommerce app has a Order Created trigger you could use which only has the option to narrow down the types of order that trigger the Zap by a specific Channel or Status. I’m guessing neither the Channel or Status would indicate whether a specific shipping method is required. If you could filter by the shipping method then you could achieve the desired workflow on the Free plan.

But it doesn’t seem to have that option so you’d likely need a Filter by Zapier action in the Zap to check the type of shipping that’s been selected for the order. This would be followed up with a “send email” type of action to send you the email alert. For example:

  • Trigger: Order Created (BigCommerce) - runs when a new BigCommerce order is created.
  • Action: Only Continue IF (Filter by Zapier) - with multiple filter rules set. One to only continue if the BigCommerce Shipping Method field (Text) Contains FedEx and a similar one for 2nd Day Air shipping.
  • Action: Send Email (Gmail) - here you’d send out an email with the details of the order that are selected from the trigger step.

I’ve used Gmail as an example here, you can see the full list of available email apps here:

As there’s two action steps required in the Zap that makes this a Multi-step Zap. Multi-step Zaps are not available on our free plan so you’d need to be on at least a Starter plan in order to run the Zap.

Hope that helps to answer question. If you run into any trouble setting that up at all let us know, always happy to help!