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Basecamp3 completed task to trigger action in Asana

  • 12 April 2021
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I would like to create a zap where, when a Basecamp3 task is marked as completed it triggers an action in Asana (open to whatever is possible, ex. message in message board, etc.). I do see the opposite is possible where I can create an action on the Basecamp side when a task is marked as completed in Asana…looking to do the same thing in the opposite direction but not seeing an option that makes sense.

If this is not possible, is there a way for an email to be sent upon completion of Basecamp task?


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2 replies

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Hello @thunderteam ,

You may be able to this in Basecamp3.  You can try to select “New Activity” as the trigger in Basecamp3.  Then “Filter” based upon the completed task.  Then you can do an Asana action and “Create Story” or whatever you think is best. 


Hope this helps

Too funny, I just noticed this is a possibility! Sounds perfect! My only other question, is it possible for the filter to apply to all “to-dos” in a basecamp project (or specific to-do list). IF working with 50-60 etc. to-dos, it would be cumbersome to create a zap for each one. Appreciate your help!