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  • 30 October 2021
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Hello! I want to ask is there a way to download automatically mods from Thanks.

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Good morning @Ashley_9901 


So from what I can think of you can ALMOST do this but there is one step that might be manual unless there is a code guy around who can automate one bit of it. 

It looks like TSR as a page with “all new resources” here:

Here is what I think might work:


  1. Run a URL checker on that page to monitor for changes such as URLooker
  2. When detecting a change on the page extract the first new URL from the HTML
  3. Drop that URL into a Google Sheet

Now here is the manual part because on the download page - the download button is Javascript. I personally do not know how to use Zapier to activate a javascript button on a page but maybe someone else does. You could also create a mouse macro with a tool like MacroRecorder.

So now you have a Google Sheet of the URLs of all the pages where new mods are and can more quickly go to each page and hit the download button.  

You could then setup a zap that when you downloaded the mods they would say, automatically go to a specific folder in your google drive or dropbox etc.