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Autofilling a web form located in a "iframe": possible within Zapier??

  • 18 August 2020
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I am trying to find a easy way to automatically bulk enter a web form that is in an iframe. The iframe web form goes to a CRM that doesn't' have any other integration, and manual entry has become too burdensome.  I saw another question that was similar but I think the hurdle I have is the “iframe” aspect of it.  I tried to do via VB, which I am sure a more capable person could figure out, but i would much rather have it go through Zapier than a VB script reliant to running on local PC. 


Here is the form in question:


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This may or may not be possible via webhook. This depends on if they have some form security features that prevent abuse in this manner. For example honey pot fields or other mechanisms to validate its a real browser session.

Now if you want to try it, you need to get the actual path to the form and not the embedded version.

Then you need to determine the form action, in this case it is the same url. But in other situations it may differ.

You will need to use this url as the destination in a webhook action using “POST” which is the specified “method” form attribute.

Make sure you have your webhook configured to form post.

Then your Key/Value pairs needs to be laid out where your keys are the IDs of the input elements on the form. Your values would be the info you want to submit.

If it works, your webhook test will pass green and the info should appear in whatever tool it would as if a human input the info.