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Asana to Smartsheet row update

  • 20 March 2021
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Hello:  I’m a new Zap user and trying to work with the Zap that will update a Smartsheet row when an Asana task is completed.   
In the setup process for the Smartsheet side it asks for a row id, but when you attempt to click on the load more or add any row id from smartsheets it ignores all input.   

Has anyone successufly updated an existing Smartsheet row with data from an exisitng Asana task?


I have a zap working that will add a row to the Smartsheet when a new Asana task is created so I’m confident in the link between Asana → Zapier → Smartsheets is correct.




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Thx I’ll give this a try.

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Hi @ReR 

If possible, you may want to consider adding the Smartsheet Row ID to the Asana Task as a custom field, to then be used in the Zap from Asana > Smartsheets.


Otherwise, you may have to go with a more advanced approach and searching for the Smartsheet rowusing the Smartsheets API:

This can be done via a Webhooks step:


Hi Troy

Thanks for the info.

I have a project in Asana with many tasks.   I have Smartsheet with a copy of the primary data from Asana.  The Smartsheet view is mainly for schedule development and Gantt chart view.

I am hoping to use a zap to update the (corresponding) data in the Smartsheet specifically when an Asana task is marked complete.

So the "trigger" is an Asana task being marked complete.

The "action" would be to update the completed data (for the specific task) in Smartsheets.

I tried what you suggested to copy the "properties" row id into the custom field of the zap setup.

I've tried a number of different variants and none are recognized by the setup. 

I believe there is a fundamental disconnect here.

In the Asana DB, they have GIDs and TaskIDs (which are the same) to uniquely identify every task in the database.

When I copy/imported the Asana tasks into Smartsheet I brought this data over.   There is a column in the Smartsheet labeled "task ID"

Each task in the Smartsheet has the corresponding Asana ID in its row.
I fully understand that Smarsheet uses its own unique “properties” Row ID value to determine/identify rows in the sheet.

However, from a Zapier perspective, there is no link between the Asana Task ID to the Smartsheet (properties) row ID.

I believe there needs to be some "lookup" function to take the Asana ID and do a lookup in a designated column within the spreadsheet (Task ID in my case) and find the matching Asana ID.  

Once it finds the match it can determine the Smartsheet row and then get the properties based "Row ID" to execute the data update.

Given the current capabilities of the Zapier/Smartsheet integration, I see no way of mapping an Asana task to any row within the Smartsheet.


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Hi @ReR 

If you know the Row ID, try using the ‘Custom’ mapping option to set a static value or dynamically map a value from a previous step.

Also be sure to check out these help articles for Smartsheets: