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  • 3 July 2020
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we set up a Zap between Asana and Excel (Google Drive) to transfer data from an Asana task to an Excel sheet which works fine, but... 


The project in Asana contains different columns like this:

“Vacancies”----”New Lead”----”Contacted Lead”

→ Plese see attached jpg: Asana


We want Asana to transfer data to the Excel sheet in Google drive pulling data from the 2nd column in the project called: New Lead.

Whenever we set up the Zap it only allows us to pull the data from new tasks  of the 1st column “Vacancies” in the find data section of the Zapier configuration. 

The Zap works great, but whens setting up the Zap only the 1st column within the project can be addressed to retrieve data from.

How can we select to pull the data from the 2nd column in the project from tasks created under “New Lead”?


Thanks in advance!




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Hi there @Workflow - Nice workflow you have there! Could you try to see if you could pull in a new sample that includes a sample data from your Section as “New Lead”? If not, I also would recommend checking out the Find Section in Project search for your needs. Let me know!