Airtable lookup unable to find matching data & replicating entire table and matching to different ID

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi Community! Thanks for the help on this --

I have barcodes that are scanned to match data from Sheet 1 (Bins) to Sheet 2 (Pickups). Barcodes are in rotation, but only one barcode is scanned at each Pickup and Bin on the same day - giving us ability to match the data from each location.

I have created a formula to create “Barcode - Date” in both sheets, then copy/pasted them as I read on this forum that you cannot link formulas.

Issue is: When I go to link them and pull data from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 it cannot find the data I am looking for (a dropdown of “customers” from “pickups”). Instead, Airtable seems to copy/paste my entire table, add it to the top couple thousand rows with no data pulled except for the Row ID (a long string used as a unique identifier) and matches that to the customer. So all other columns are empty, it is matching it to the wrong column from Sheet 2, AND in the table I have in the bottom couple thousand rows, it cannot lookup the data I want. Is this a bug?? Am I doing this wrong?

Thanks all!!

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2 replies

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Hi @nayners 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured and outline a specific example to help us trace and troubleshoot the data, thanks.

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Hey @nayners I just wanted to check in here! Are you still looking for help building this workflow? If so, sharing more information like screenshots (be careful not to include personal/confidential information in those screenshots!) can help us better guide you on how to move forward. Let us know!