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Airtable / Google Sheets integration : "invalid literal for int()" when I try to combine lookup + deleterow

  • 28 March 2020
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a simple zap workflow between Airtable and Google Sheets. The idea is to create a database on Google Sheets replicating the records in Airtable when they are assigned a certain statuts.

When this status is attributed on Airtable → a data entry is created on the GS sheet

When this status is removed or changed on Airtable → the data entry should be deleted on the GS sheet


I am basically looking for 1. creating a record in a Google Sheets database when a record is created on view on Airtable (the criterium being a “status”)

2. deleting a record in the same GS database when a record’s status changes

For n°1, It seems to be working

For n°2, I am trying to combine a Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets + Delete Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets as adviced by Zapier. It should screen the database to find a record and delete it subconsequently.

The lookup step seems to be working according to Zapier “Test”

The DeleteRow part however does not seem to comply, sending me a message error 
“We had trouble sending your test through.

invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'Fumigène'

I don’t understand the error message and am a bit lost regarding the fix to provide.

Does anyone have a clue on this ?

Many thanks !



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Hi Alexandre,

I checked this out for you and it looks like this particular error has come up fo a handful of users in the past several months. One thing I see is that it can happen if you’re trying to delete a row that has already been deleted.

Also, are you using the custom value option in order to delete the exact row that you’ve found in your search step? A common confusion is that users will select a specific row from the dropdown instead of referencing the one they’ve found via their search step.

And you do that by selecting the Row field:



Can you check to make sure you’re doing it that way? Thanks!