Adding Pipedrive Org attributes to it's contacts in Sendinblue

  • 21 September 2021
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Hey there,

Noob and just trying to come up to speed with Zapier. Started with syncing contacts from Pipedrive to Sendinblue. While adding and updating matches just works fine, I’m having a hard time to populate some Sendinblue fields of these contacts with custom field data from their Pipedrive Orgs.


Trying to give an example:


John Doe is an employee of Sample Corp.

John has all the common fields like contact data, birthday, position, etc. Sync works just fine!
Sample Corp. has some additional fields like “industry”, “Bought system types”, “Products”, etc.

In Sendinblue, there’s one table only, so one line per contact. I added the field for “industry”, etc., to this table, which means that John Doe now has these attributes.


What’s giving me a hard time in Zapier is:
“If Org data in Pipedrive change, grab custom fields and populate their clones in Sendinblue for each employee.”


Hope I made it transparent. Good idea anybody?

Thank you very much!

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3 replies

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Hi @Draven 

Try these Zap Steps:

  1. Trigger: Pipedrive - Updated Org
  2. Trigger: Filter (TBD - check if Person exists on Org)
  3. Trigger: Pipedrive - Find Person (map Person ID/Email from Step 1)
  4. Action: Sendinblue - Add/Update Contact (map Person Email from Step 3)


Dear Troy,


sorry for the late reply, got caught in another project last days. Putting filters together is driving me nuts, guess I have to figure that out first.

Your steps look absolutely logical to me. Would be easier if the pipedrive datastructure would be transparent to me. I.e. are contacts containing an ORG ID, or does ORG contain a list of Contacts?


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With a relational app such as Pipedrive…

If you look at a Contact and it’s associated to an Org, then it would show the Org ID.

If you look at the Org and it’s associated to 1+ Contacts, then it would show the Contact IDs.