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Adding Pipedrive contacts at a specific point in the sales funnel to a Blacklist in Apollo

  • 8 September 2022
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Hi there, 


I am trying to add prospects (contacts and/or accounts, might need both) from Pipedrive that are in a specific point in the sales funnel (and further) to a blacklist in Apollo to not reach out to them again.
I have understood that there is no sequencing integration for Apollo with Zapier at this moment, but that there is a list for people to be added to, in order to be informed about news - please add me to that, if possible!


However, I wanted to understand, if it is possible to add contacts and/or accounts to a specific list in Apollo via Zapier, yet. If yes, I’d politely like to ask for help about that, because I can’t really figure out how that would work, as I have not yet seen any field that is about “lists”. 


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Apologies for the delay here! I did some digging and saw you were able to chat with my friends in support, which is perfect.

They mentioned adding a contact to a list isn’t a supported action at the moment but did get ya added to an open feature request for this! While we can’t guarantee when or if this will get implemented, we’ll definitely email you if that changes. 🙂

We’ll also be sure to keep the topic updated as well! 

Thanks again for raising this in Community! 🧡

Dear @christina.d, thank you for your fast reply.


Sorry for not being clear on the topic. I have already tried to set up a zap (hence, i know that there is an integration for apollo and i‘ve also seen the templates :)). However, I don‘t see how with the existing actions I can receive the result I am targeting. 

So, I wanted to make sure if the exact thing that I explained is possible (and in best case, also how :)). Is there by any chance somebody you know, who could help me with the Apollo-specific questions on Zapier? I would really appreciate that! :)

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Hey there, @Soroosh Ataei! Thanks for reaching out! 

I took a quick peek and it does look like there’s an Apollo integration offered! There’s even some zap templates for Apollo and Pipedrive you can take a look at here:

I’m not super familiar with Apollo but I wonder if the “Update Contact” “Update Opportunity” or “Update Account” Apollo actions would work for you? 

I can also see you were able to open a ticket with my friends in support, which is awesome. Keep us posted on your progress!