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Adding Discord Roles to Existing Members in a Channel

  • 1 December 2022
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What’s up everyone, loving the community so far, just wanted to follow up with one of the problems I’m having right now.


Currently I’m trying to give a role to people who send a new message into a channel in a discord server. I’ve already got the first part done (people who have never sent a message in the channel).

Now I’m having trouble figuring out how to give that role to people who have previously sent a message in that channel.

Example for clarification:

Person A and B who joined before the zap is created should also receive the role just like person C who just (after the zap is created) sent a message into that channel.

Hope this makes sense and it would be nice if someone could guide me. Thanks!


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Hi there @Ridge T - thanks for asking this question (and I’m glad you’ve been getting value from our Community so far, we like it too 🙃)


Hm, so I want to say that this isn’t possible- all Zaps need a “starting point”, and I can’t think of the available triggers that may allow you to cull through a list of previous messages and assign that role. 


*But* I am by no means a Zap expert- let me tag an *actual* Zapier Expert who you were also chatting with in another thread- @MohSwellam - Moh any ideas here? I am thinking maybe if Ridge could somehow connect all the names together in, say, a google sheet? But I’m definitely coming up with a blank. 


Here’s hoping we can get you on the right track! -Rachael

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Hi @Rachael S ,


You are definitely correct, each zap needs a trigger, and unless the app is part of Zapier Transfer, you cannot transfer previous data. (I mean, this IS the reason Zapier did Transfer 😃) 


A quick google search says there is no way (at least not an easy free one) to export message history from Discord. 


Your suggestion for Google Sheets is definitely on point, would be the way to go if @Ridge T has a list of the users, otherwise there isnt much we can do. 

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Thank you for the suggestions, I’m currently trying to export the details of every member from a discord channel into a google sheet. But I’m still unable to do so. 

Would it be alright if you guys showed me how you would approach this with the method you guys explained to me? Much appreciated


Thank you @Rachael S @MohSwellam for the previous answers!