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Adding attachment from one Smartsheet row to another

  • 25 May 2021
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I have a master “Project” sheet with 1 row per project.

I also have a “Reviews” sheet that is used to capture form responses where multiple people submit a form with attachments for the same project (they enter in the unique project ID as a form question to link it all together)

This results in lets say 4 rows on my Reviews sheet for 1 project on my Project sheet. I’m not worried about collating the data onto the Project sheet, I can do that. I also figured out how to get the Row ID from the Project sheet to be in a “Project Row ID” on my Review sheet (using zapier and index/match.)

My issue is I can’t figure out how to move all the attachments from my review rows to all by moved/copied over from my Reviews sheet to the correct 1 row on my Project sheet. 

I tried using this zap:

Trigger - new attachment

Action - Add attachment to row

The issue is that when I select the row for the action, I can only see the “attachment” data but not the row data it was attached to (besides the Row ID, that’s it). I need the column value for “Project Row ID” of the row the trigger attachment was attached to. When the trigger is “New row” it gives you all the column values but not the attachment. But for “New Attachment”, it gives you the attachment data but not the row data. Gahh….


Any workarounds or ideas?


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Hey @juliap, welcome to the Community!

I’ve done some digging on this and it seems that there are a couple of existing feature requests for the Smartsheet integration related to this. One is to retrieve the row data with the “New Attachment” trigger and the other is to also get the attachment when using the “New Row” trigger.

So I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to both of those feature requests. I don’t have an ETA on when that might get implemented but we’ll get in touch as soon as that happens!

In the meantime, there is a “Copy Row” action for Smartsheet which you could potentially use to copy the row across to the other sheet. Do you think that could be useful for your workflow here?

Hi @SamB thanks for the reply! 


Unfortunately “Copy Row” won’t work. That would create a new row on my Project sheet for each review (and that feature exists within Smartsheet). I want to take the attachments from one row and move them to an existing row on another sheet.

I also tried using Email by Zapier by setting up an alert automation in Smartsheet to email Zapier when a new review row is added with the Unique project key and the attachments. Then I could use “Add attachment to row”. However, the Smartsheet alert includes hyperlinks to the attachments and Zapier is saying “no attachment found”

It’s really great Zapier polls their users about what features would be useful! Thanks!