Adding and updating a google calendar events

  • 14 May 2020
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I am trying to create a zap from a database.  Right now, I can get the Zap to add an event on the calendar.  but I would like the calendar to update the event when the row is changed.  While i couldnt figure out how to do that, I was trying to 1. create an event, 2. on an edit, delete the past event, 3. create a new event.  I just can’t figure this out.  

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6 replies

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Hi @danny0!

So, it sounds like you’re end goal is to a) create a calendar even when a row is added to a database and then b) update that event if the database is updated - is that right? 

You don’t mention which apps you’re using for the calendar or database, so for now I’m going to assume that you’re using the two most common ones (that we see on Zapier) Google Sheets and Google Calendar. 

This is possible, and the first thing that you need to do is to add a column to your Google Sheet, the name of teh column should be ‘event ID’

Zap 1

  1. Google Sheets: New Spreadsheet Row
  2. Google Calendar: Create Detailed Event
  3. Google Sheets: Update Spreadsheet row - For the row to update, select the ‘Custom’ option and use the row ID from the row that triggered the Zap. The Create Detailed event step will give you an event ID, add that ID to the end of the row. 


Zap 2

  1. Google Sheets: New or Updated row
  2. Google Calendar: Update event - to select which event to update, choose ‘Custom’ and use the event ID that will be in the row from when the event was created

I hope that all makes sense, if you’re using different apps or if you need some clarification, let me know!



Yes, that is correct.  I will try this today.  The only difference is my database is in MySql.  Please let me know if that changes any of the Zaps

going through the steps now.  Here is a short video of what I have so far.  It says it can’t send a row to mysql.  

Here is a video so far


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Hi @danny0 

Sorry we missed your reply! Did you get this sorted or do you still need some help?

Still need help

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In that bottom field - it looks like you’re mapping the wrong field - it should be the ‘Row ID” from the trigger.

Can you take a screenshot of that step.