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Add Google Calendar attendees if they contain a certain domain name

  • 1 June 2022
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Hi there Zap community!

I am having a challenge creating an event and adding only the attendees containing my companies email domain (i.e. excluding any external individuals).  The attendee list is being passed on from another event, which will always include one or more external attendees. I am hoping someone might have an answer (after lots of browsing the community and Googling I was not able to find one).


The hoped for Scenario:

Google Event A is created.  Only attendees from Event A that have domain will be added to Event B.


The flow as of now (all in GCal):

‘New Event Matching Search’ > ‘Formatter - text’ to split initial event attendees emails >  ‘Create Detailed Event’


The Challenge:

I have attempted to split the initial event attendee emails list into separate variables (with a comma as the separator), however the output value from the formatter still includes every email address. Additionally the external attendee won’t always be at a particular position of the array.  I have yet to identify the best way to filter for company emails. 


It’s quite baffling how much of a struggle this quite simple situation has become.  I hope I’m just missing something straightforward, but I feel like I may have to start Javascript coding for my desired outcome. I am very willing to learn what these tools like and don’t like and any help is greatly appreciated!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 1 June 2022, 20:09

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Hi @pstewart 

Good question.

Check out this related topic:


Hi @pstewart 

Good question.

Check out this related topic:


Thank you Troy!  That does work, I appreciate the help.  Quite surprised how much coding knowledge is needed for such a simple task.

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Generally dealing with arrays (aka line items) requires a more advanced approach when configuring automations.