Add a search step in Google Doc disables all placeholders...

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In my Zap, the first step is a “New Email in Email Parser by Zapier” to parse the content of email and define some variables like “name” or “street”. That works. 

Then I have a “Create Document from Template in Google Docs” to create a document in my Google Drive, based on a template file, replacing some placeholders like {{NAME}} or {{STREET}} by corresponding Parse output values. That works.

BUT I would like to use a different template file, depending of the value of Parse Output “name”. 

I tried to add a search step in the template filed of “Create Document from Template in Google Docs”, because the value of parse output “name” should be found in the template filename. But that makes placeholders mapping disappear so {{NAME}} is not replaced by its value...

How can I do ? Is the only solution to create a path ?

Thanks for your help,

A .

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Hi @airelle 

Good question.

Sounds like you may need to have separate Zaps and use a Filter as Step 2:

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Hey there, @airelle! I wanted to swing by and see if you were able to get this sorted?

Keep us posted!

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Hi @airelle!

Were you able to set up your Zap the way that you needed using Filter by Zapier or do you still need some help with this?