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Add "1" to 10 digit phone number submission through Webflow

  • 13 February 2021
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Hi, I have a Webflow website with a submission form.

I want to send an automated text message reply “thanks for your submission” via Twilio but it appears Twilio requires the number format to include country code (1-555-555-5555).
I don’t want to require the user to enter country code because its a local business and no one is used to entering the extra 1 in front -- this would cause very clunky UX in my opinion. 

So I want them to enter their 10 digit number (555-555-5555) and then I would add via Sheets a 1 so the number is in the format needed to send via Twilio. 

I’ve gotten stuck on how to dynamically update a new cell in Sheets after Zapier has pushed that phone number in from Webflow. 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 15 February 2021, 18:57

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2 replies

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Thanks @Troy Tessalone ! Such a simple solution!  You are exactly right, all I had to do was add the 1 in front of the Phone field and it concatenated them. THANKS!!


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Hi @joshjones_1724 

If you’re collecting phone numbers from USA/Canada only, then you can hardcode a 1 before the phone number in the Zap that sends data to the GSheet.