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a limit of tasks for a single zap or in general

  • 22 September 2022
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I would like the zap to stop when there are more than 100 triggers at once or in a short interval. i have the problem that 5000 contacts are updated often at once. If I forget to turn off the Zap before, Zapier starts immediately and consumes all the task at once. is there a solution?  


Best answer by MohSwellam 26 September 2022, 18:02

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5 replies

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Hi @r0nsen 

Good question.

Flood protection and held items


If you have a large number of items (100+) that trigger a Zap at once, Zapier holds them for you and sends you an email requesting your confirmation.
This helps to prevent a large number of actions from running by mistake and protects your task limit.

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Hi @r0nsen 

Zapier already has flood protection in place for scheduled triggers but not for instant triggers. What app/trigger are you using?

You can find more info here: 

I think that is the problem, because that are instant triggers  - updatet event or updatet contacts

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Hi @r0nsen , 


That being said, you can always use Zapier Manager to do the following: 

  1. Create a new zap with the trigger Zapier Manager > Task Usage Limit Reached
  2. Depending on your usual monthly usage (without this error happening) add a number or a percentage which will be the trigger for the next step
  3. In the next step you again add Zapier Manager with the Action Turn Zap Off and choose the zap in question 
  4. Then add another step which is Gmail for example to be notified that the zap has been turned off due to this. 

This might not be the best workaround but its better than having all your tasks consumed :) 


On another note, maybe we can help you more if we understand the workflow? Maybe there is a better way to do that? 

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Hi @r0nsen!

Do you think that @MohSwellam’s suggestion will work for you? I’d love to know if you were able to set up what you need using Zapier Manager.