Zap turns off and won't turn back on

  • 9 March 2021
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We have a Zap that turned itself off a few weeks ago, probably because of errors it was hitting.


We resolved the issue causing the error, and are trying to turn it back on. We do, and it turns on within the editor, but once you refresh the editor page it’s back to “OFF.”


We’ve checked all steps are GREEN, and all accounts for each app are connected. 


I’ve tried to submit support tickets but haven’t even gotten acknowledgment that we’ve opened a ticket.

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6 replies

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Hi @CareCloud 

What apps are you using in your Zap?


Help article:

  • Off: Zaps that are turned off do not actively check for new data or perform actions.
    Zapier automatically turns your Zaps off for you in 3 situations:
    • You lose access to a paid feature the Zap uses (e.g., multi-step Zaps or premium apps) due to a trial expiration or plan downgrade.
    • Multiple errors occur each time the Zap tries to run. An email notification will be sent if a Zap is turned off due to errors.
    • You make a change to a trigger or action of the Zap. You will need to turn the Zap back on once you are done editing it.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

Thx for the reply Troy. The Zap uses Dropbox, Google Sheets and A couple of them are premium, but we’re on a Professional Plan (usage is in check as well, we looked into that as a possible issue).



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Make sure to check the help articles for any known limitations with these apps.




Thx Troy. We re-reviewed those now, there are no limitations that would cause this kind of issue. Additionally, the Zap was running in the same state for 5 months before it hit an error.

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Try cloning the Zap?

Try rebuilding the Zap?

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Hey @CareCloud

I see you reached out to our Support team for help with the issue - and they recommended re-selecting the Dropbox folder as it was no longer valid, so the Zap wouldn’t turn back on.

Did that help get Zaps back up and running?