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Will all steps in my Zap wait if I'm using 'Delay after Queue'

  • 5 February 2021
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For clarification, in the Delay After Queue, if I have a 20 step Zap, and it triggers twice at about the same time, will the 1st that gets triggered complete all of it's steps before the 2nd proceeds?


Best answer by Danvers 7 February 2021, 19:05

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Hi @hbconcepts!


If you add a Delay After Queue step, it won't necessarily hold up each step of the Zap, but you can set up the Delay so that it will. Delay After Queue waits for the specified amount of time before releasing the next bit of trigger information through the Zap - it doesn’t know whether or not the whole Zap has run. If you add a delay long enough, it could absolutely be possible to set it up so that every other step of the Zap runs before the next task moves down the line. 


I like to think of it as a slide as an attendant at the top. There’s a queue of information at the top excited to slide on through your Zap, but Delay After Queue only allows one piece of information through at a time and makes the others wait. If you want every bit of information to be all the way through your Zap before you let the next one through, you need a longer wait between each piece of information. The longer the slide (Zap) the longer the wait (Delay) you need between tasks. 


I hope that makes sense! You can also learn more in this help guide: Delay After Queue